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A24 film backs from Ebay


New Member
Hi - I just bought 2 A-24 film backs on Ebay and now I am curious as to whether I should have them serviced before using them or not. I checked and both have good light seals (one set looks brand new), but now my question is whether just running a roll of film through each is sufficient to be able to use them without fear. I suspect that I am answering my own question, but wanted to check to see what others think.

Thanks in advance - Ted Rose
Ted, Running a roll of film through any "new to you" camera or back, is always a good idea. When I purchased my 220 vacuum back for my Contax 645(ebay,mint)I did this. It confirmed that all was operating 100% I would choose something like Velvia 50 (if it's still available).That way you can check to ensure total film flatness,sharpness,spacing(always a problem with Hasselblad?) and of course light leaks.Get a reduced, out of date emulsion if you wish.
Thanks Colin - I'll run a roll through each one tonite to see how they turn out (hopefully no light leaks or overlaps). I'm going to start a second thread asking for recommendations on film and anything else for photographing a sunset wedding at the beach. Hopefully people will have lots of good suggestions.
As Colin wrote, it is a good idea to run a test roll of film through the magazine. Your main concern should be film spacing and light leaks.

Take a roll of pictures outdoors, with the sun on your left hand side. Since the light trap is on the left hand side of the film back, shooting outdoors with the sun on your left hand side will be a good test for the light trap.

Dave Odess

Factory trained Hasselblad technician