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A12 magazine not winding completely to the next frame


New Member
The A12 film back (with dark slide holder, if that's any help) on my 503CW has been acting pretty strange. I've double and triple checked my loading procedure... but when i crank the winder and lock it back, i get the feeling the gears are slipping when I crank it. But I checked the gears on both the body and the film back and they're not looking stripped at all.

But my frames are overlapping unless I separately crank the winder knob on the back... till the digit for the next frame is completely visible and the window next to it is 'white' again.

I don't get it.. why would it happen?


The problem is being caused by the film back, in that it is not advancing the film properly when the camera body is wound.

There are several things that can cause this condition, and a qualified Hasselblad technician can correct this problem in the film back.

David S. Odess
Factory trained Hasselblad technician