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A12 backs


New Member
Hi all!

I have just joined the forum and am fairly new to Hasselblad having used 35 mm Nikons for many years.

Since purchasing my Hassie I have had a couple of problems with backs. On two different backs I have had what feels like "slippage" when winding film leading to overlapping negs and in some cases complete double exposure on one frame (ie film didn't move at all). I know there can be spacing problems but to have this kind of extreme situation seems unusual. The dealer kindly swapped the first back for a second, much newer one in very good condition (matching insert etc) and I put a couple of films through this and all was fine. However, on my last film it started slipping - just like the original back. I have taken it to an authorised repair shop but I am just wondering now whether it could at all be possible that I have a problem with the body rather than the back. It just seems odd to have an identical problem affecting two different backs.

Any comments on this anyone?



Any problem with film spacing is always caused by the film back; it can not be caused by the camera body.

There are a few things in the back that can cause slippage, which would result in the negatives being too close together, or even overlapping.

One of these things would be a worn drive gear. Another thing that can cause this is if the cam on the drive gear is loose. There is a rivet that holds the cam to the drive gear, and if this rivet is loose, it can cause slippage, resulting in the negatives being too close togther, or overlapping.

Quite often, I find that the overlapping is happening because some technicians use grease to lubricate the cam on the drive gear. And, after extended periods of non-use, the grease dries up and gets gummy, preventing the cam from moving properly. There should be no lubricant at all on the cam.

David Odess

Factory trained Hasselblad technician
> Dear David,

Thanks for your reply - that puts my mind at rest.

I look forward to getting the repaired back, back!

I must say that despite the problems I have had with the backs I have had

some truly outstanding results with the camera making my investment , and

step up to MF, really worth it.

Thanks again for your response.