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a H3 necessary


Actually I don't know what to do , I got this proposition from PhaseOne in Germany >>
you will get a new PhaseOne Camera 645 AFD and P45+ with two new digital lenses D AF 2,8 / 45mm and D AF 4,5 / 75 – 150 mm in exchange Habla H1, 80mm, 35mm, 210mm and P45 for 10.000 euros without VAT

with a new H3 compatible with HCD lenses and others backs I 'll buy : that new H3 , the new 35-90mm , the Tilt/Shift system = about 10.000 euros for Hasselblad

a H3D is nothing for me as it is actually, a new H3 will keep the old customers and some day I'll change for a H4D or a H5D, if I go to Mamiya or Leica S2 , I'll never come back to Hasselblad
Hi Erick,

This is a true dilemma.

I know you value the possibility to use long exposures.
Hasselblad has not kept their promise to look into that matter.
They did not even inform you what the chances are that their backs will make long exposures possible.
A disappointment to say the least.

Take an extra critical look at the features Phase One and Hasselblad offer.
See what suits you best and do not forget to involve image quality that will be determinned for a large part by the lenses that you will use.

Paul Hasselblad is my favourite and I don't want to change , I just do not see what is the advantage for them to close totally their system before a HxD body for all needs is ready

if you look
Michael Reichmann is selling all his Hasselblad Gear to buy a P65+ , he I was an Hasselblad fan, I am quite sure he will never do that with a new open H3
Hi Erick,

Making a closed platform is a choice Hasselblad has made.
It will loose them a certain amount of faithful customers.
Also the ones that stay might well feel less comfortable after a while.
The fact remains that once more the choice of equipment has serious repercussions especially with the amount of money involved now.

I can only advise you to do a lot of home work and find a reliable dealer who may be able to point you in the right direction.
What about the Hy6, preferably the Sinar version I would think?

with the Hy6 comes the same problem with long exposure
Leica S2 is maybe a solution

thank you
Not a bad deal.

In the end you have to determine exacly what your current and projected needs may be and act in the best interest of that ... however, I understand how a good deal can distract you from the logic of real needs : -)

I had a Mamiya 645AFD-II with a wonderful Aptus 75s back. I absolutely hated the camera ... which is purely subjective on my part. Try as I might, I could not come to like the camera, or the viewfinder, or that I couldn't use a waist lever finder when I wanted, and finally, the 1/125th sync speed was a dael breaker for me. I need a high sync speed for a lot of my work.

I did use my beloved Hasselblad FE lenses on it, but the stop down metering/shooting was just to inconvenient in the end ... so I sold the camera and back, and haven't missed it for one single second.

Unlike the Sinar and Hasselblad CF digital backs, Leaf and Phase One backs DO NOT allow you to use the back interchangably on different cameras by using an adapter. You have to have the factory change the mount for $$$$.

So while the H3D cameras are closed, the CF backs are not and can be used on H2Fs with the software corrections, and virtually every other camera made ... except the Hy6 ... which is what I call a closed system since you cannot even change mounts and use a Leaf Aptus back on a Leaf AFi (Hy6), nor to my knowledge is there a Hy6 mount Phase One.

In the end, if long exposures are the primary driver, then Phase One is the only game in town. Were it me with that need, I'd get a Phase One back for a H2 and secure a CF lens adapter to use all the CFE and CFi Zeiss lenses ... which as I said is purely subjective because I just could not come to love the Mamiya 645 lenses (not to be confused with some of the 6X7 lenses for the RZ, which are wonderful).