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907x + CFv II 50c


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Hello Hasselblad users .

Has anyone of you already got a 907x + CFV II 50c and can share his first experience ? ? ?
For expample , error messages and /or handling trouble .
Here my kit , but I have not taken any serious images , but lots of test images .
Would be nice to hear from you .

CFV II 50c .jpg

As the 4/45P lens comes without a hood , I found the above combination to be almost perfect .
Heliopan step up ring 62mm to 67mm + JJC standard lenshood 67mm + front cover (not shown) . No vignetting .


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Hello wengolee

I have no test shots yet , as I am still in the phase of getting familiar with the new system .
I will be using the CFV II 50c back with my HASSELBLAD cameras , 500 series including 905SWC , ALPA 12 plus and also ARCASWISS F-LINE metric 6x9 .
Off course I will also use the above shown combo . What I can tell so far is , the 4/45P lens is tack sharp , sweet point is f8 , and the lens does not require an LCC shot .
What I will not use is , FOCUS PEAKING , but prefer manual focussing in LIFE VIEW .
Also , i will use ACUTE MATTE screens with split screen for the 500 and 905SWC . For the ALPA camera , I can use a HASSELBLAD focussing hood adapter with split screen and
a purely manual method with a laser distance meter .
I will post some test images soon .


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I took some shots in a nearby "lost place" and will show you this image . Used f4 to f22 .
Shot this from tripod with ISO 100 , 1/200 sec , and f8 just as an example . f8 seems to be the sweet point .
You can see suffient sharpness in the foreground (better with f11) and very good sharpness in the foilage .
Other images from this place show similar results . I will post them later this week .

The handling of the CFV back is very comfortable and the flip screen is a big help , but plain sunshine is still a problem , but not as much as the screen of
the CFV50 classic , which I also have .



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And an other one . Focus is on the left side of the big pipe . There was no additional sharpening done to any of the three images .



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Thank you very much for the link . I receive the very same problems here , frequently .
I don't know how to proceed , but will pass this info on to my dealer .


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My latest information on that issue is , that HASSELBLAD is aware of the problem and is working on a solution .


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As the corona pandemic slows down everything , it takes more time to get an answer from HASSELBLAD .
In the meantime , the 907x is known to cause the issue and I know two users , who got a replacement . Their new 907x has a much higher serial number
and is obviously not from the first production batch . The issue does not turn up any more .
I will send my 907x to HASSELBLAD next week .


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Hello Dirk

The issue , which is well known worldwide , showed up the day after I received the kit . I informed the dealer right away and was waiting to see , what solution
HASSELBLAD would come up with . So there will not be any costs for me , as there is still the full warrenty .
My kit has arrived in Sweden and I am waiting for information from HASSELBLAD . I will update this thread with the result .
Have a nice weekend and stay safe and healthy .