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80mm T* problem


New Member
I just bought a Hasselblad 503cw with an A12 back and a 80mm Planar T* lens, so I am not completely sure how to work everything yet.
I have a problem with the lens. It seems to be stuck in the uncocked position, and I am not sure how to fix this. The camera will release fine with the lens off and the film back on, but if I put the lens on it will not release. All can see that the lens shutter is down when I look through the lens. I read on other posts on the forum that you need to turn the crank shaft on the lens with a coin, but it doesn't want to move. Following the rule that if you have to force it, you are doing something wrong, I decided to ask here if I was doing something wrong. Or do I need to send the lens in to be fixed?
Welcome at the forum.
Hasselblad lenses and bodies are quite simple to understand when you allow for a few rules.
These are important. From these rules follow a few ways to operate bodies and lenses that will keep you out of trouble.

Your lens is from what I understand in the fired position i..e the shutter is closed.
First thing you have to do is bring the lens in the charged position.
To do this take a small coin. Look at the rear of the lens you will see a screw with a slot where the coin will fit.
Turn the coin about a full turn to the right untill you hear a soft click.
If all is well the lens is open and stays that way.

Take the camera body and turn the transport knob untill ist stops.
If righthanded take the body in your left hand and the lens in your right hand.
Look for the red mark on the rear bay. of the lens.
With the mark in the 12 o'clock position fit the lens and turn it away from you.

Do not use excessive force. Excessive force may indicate that something is wrong.

If all is well after this it will be possible to fire the body and turn the transportknob to be ready for the next picture.

Please note: Fitting and removing of lenses is only possible in transported mode.
It is good practise to transport always after taking a picture and leave the camera in transported mode when stored.

This may come too late being March, however we purchased a new 503CW took it out of the box and for some reason when setting it all up and firing it it locked up and remained that way. Fortunately we are just down the road from Hasselblad UK so they gave us a new body and rectified the situation.

If you are still having problems then it may be useful to take similar action, all the best, Carl