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80mm CFE versus 80mm FE bokeh


New Member
Has anyone found that the bokeh of the FE version is different from that of the CFE? I've only seen a few ex&les from the FE, but what i have seen has not been as smooth and 'classic' as i expect from the CF/CFE. I know that Hasselblad claims that the optical formulation is the same, but the FE focuses much closer which seems to indicate to me that SOMETHING is different. As well, Zeiss claims that the Rollei's 80 Planar is the same as Hasselblad's, but the results, bokeh-wise, are also different. I believe, also, that the Rollei has a different number of elements....

Sorry for the rambling, incoherent message/question. It's late, and i'm quite confused.
The Planar 2,8/80 CF/CFE and the FE version have the same optics. There is a difference in the mechanical parts, though: Since no space for a central shutter is required in the FE version, there was space available for a longer focusing helicoil.

I read your statement that the Rollei Planar 2,8/80 produced a different bokeh. Are you talking about the Planar from the 6000 system or the one from the TLR? The Planar from the 6000 system should be the same as the one for Hasselblad, except that the Rollei version is not made by Zeiss (it does not carry the Zeiss name, either).