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80mm CFE Planar issue


New Member
When I remove the lens from my 501CM (making sure both the body and lens are cocked) the lens uncocks itself once removed and I then need to recock it carefully before mounting back on the body.

Has anyone else experienced this? I have searched the internet but cannot find much information of this happening to other people.

The one post I did find (from a hassy repairer) stated that there is not damage to either the lens or body and that the lens will just have to be recocked before attaching. If out shooting and changing lenses this becomes a pain fast...
There are several possible causes for this problem.

1. A damaged shaft end in the camera.
If the little curved lipp is missing on the shaft end the lens will BE released each time it is removed from the camera.

2. Incorrect alignment of the drive shaft in th aCAmera will also introduce this problem.

3. Last but not least a problem with the lens itself.
thanks polypal,

i have some other lenses arriving next week so will try these and see if they have the same issue, if so it is a camera problem. if not it is a lens problem.