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80mm C lens in CFE formulae


First of all, let me thank you for the entertainment and valuable information I've enjoyed from your postings in the last couple of years. They're always interesting and as a lover and user of Hasselblad V equipment, amongst a wide variety of other equipment, I follow your spirited debates with a keen eye.

Now .... I've had an early chrome C 80mm in my kit since the early-80's and as I slowly work towards a CFV back, I've decided to update my Hass gear with newer glass.

I've come across a mint, mid-90's C lens which a trusted seller informs is the same glass as the the latest CFE len. Does that mean it's the same glass, but with the old spring design? Did the CF bring the new spring with it.

Whilst the CF spring doesn't lead to better pictures, perhaps it would be better just to await the arrival of a quality CFE?

Was there a CF 80mm?

Can anybody throw light on this?


500 Cx with:
120mm Makro
Hi Gary,

> Whilst the CF spring doesn't lead to better pictures, perhaps it would > be better just to await the arrival of a quality CFE? > > Was there a CF 80mm?

What camera do you want to use this with? The "E" of CFE is for the databus, and is only applicable to the 20x series. Other than that, you want a CF, and yes, they are available. I may have an extra one if you are interested.


Hello Gary,

Hasselblad reports the CFE is an improved CF.
Do not worry to much about this improvement.
The anti reflection coating inside the CFE is improved and of course
the CFE has databus to communicate with the 20X series cameras.

The "C" lens in CF guise is an economy CF lens with the same optical
It was supplied together with the 501C body as a kit.
Do not confuse the later "C" lens with the early lenses.

Thanks Paul,

that's exactly as the seller describes. Presumeably, the lens is otherwise the same except for an F setting fo rthe 200 Series I'm told. So is this 'kit' lens every bit as good as the CF - springs and all?


I want to continue using my 503Cx with the 120 & 220 film backs, but whenever the CFV gets a mention I realise that the ground glass screen is a big part of my picture making and I yearn to add that to my cupboard. I'll also be keen to use it on the SWC.

I am in the market for an 80mm lens and I'm more interested in condition than age. Please feel free to email me with the details of condition and price.

Here's a pic that came from my current 80mm, I think. Shows I've got good intentions.



Still learning.

Would like to have presented this to you somewhat bigger, but failed miserably

You know, I remember reading somewhere that the newer 80mm "C" lens is NOT the same optical design as the CF, in that it has one less glass element, making it more economical to the CF, and ideal for a "kit" lens.
you are on the wrong track here. The newer 80 mm C-lens has the same optical design as the CF-lens. The lens with the 6 elements is the CB-version.


It's the CB 80 mm lens that is 'one element short'. Just like the very earliest C version.
All the rest, C/CF/CFE/F/FE/late-C, are the same.

The CFE differs, aside from the Databus, from the CF in that it has all of the improvements that put the "i" in CFi.
That not just includes internal stray light reduction, but also a new material used for the main spring, longer lasting front and rear bayonets, smoother focussing, and another typeface.

That didn't make the older CF lenses a bad choice though. Again apart from the Databus, which you do or do not need, the main thing the CFE has going for it is age. A CF lens may have seen over 25 years of hard work.

So is the mid-90's C the same as the latest CF and does each lens carry its own identity?

What's the difference in markings or lens mount design?


Posted again to ensure I could post an image with sufficient size to show the detail.



The mid-90's C has a propensity for producing a rather eerie looking, veiling mist (see s&le above), whereas the CF is crystal clear.

No. There is no difference, except for the lack of F-mode and of the shutterspeed ring-aperture ring coupling button on the mid-90's C lens.