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80/2.8 Planar


New Member
Hi all,

what's the difference between C80/2.8 (chrome) and CF80/2.8C*? I have been concidering the C* version, but it seems that almost the same price would buy chrome C -version, plus 500C/M body and A12 back... Is there such a huge difference in image quality?


Hi -
First, it's T* not C*. But I do believe there is no difference optically between the C and CF versions, except for the multicoating, which is what the T* represents. That said, the CF version was introduced in the early 1980's, with entirely new cosmetics, as well as a new shutter.
FYI - There is a black version of the C lens, which replaced the chrome version in the early 1970's. Most black versions also have multicoating, and are referred to as CT* lenses.
I doubt you'll see much, if any, difference in the image quality that any of these lenses produce, but the newer versions (CF & up) are somewhat easier to use.
If the C lens you are considering is in good condition, then your assessment of what you can purchase for the same amount of cash compared to the CF is worth serious consideration.
Since the C lenses have been around for a much longer time than the CF's, they are also more prone to needing servicing. Be sure to check the shutter speeds to be sure they are accurate, and that there is little or no dust particles inside the glass elements, no fungus, or scratches on the glass.
Michael H. Cothran
With the exception of the earliest Planar lenses for the 500 series cameras all 80 mm Planar lenses have sven elements.
Independent from what barrel they are mounted in these lenses were designed and built with the same optical formula.
T* coating and improved internal anti reflection coating are the only differences that influense IQ.

Six element lenses were builtv from 1956 till 1959.
No a big chance you will find one of those.
In total with small and large improvements there are 8 different 80 mm Planar lenses with leaf shutters.
I forgot that one!
That makes nine Planar 80 mm lenses in total.
Planars with six elements are optically different from the seven element versions.

Thanks Terry.
Thanks guys,

I took the advice and went for the kit with C80 lens. It feels great, images look good enough for me plus there's a spare body and another back when I need it, costed me 35 euros more than CF80 lens...