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60mm cf not locking on body


New Member
I have a 80 and 150 that operate fine on my 503cw however my 60 will not "click" into place and jams (cant wind) after I release the shutter while I was playing around with it. It isnt the body. I am afraid to mess with the locking mech on the lens or that little button or whatever that sticks out but I will if anyone has any suggestions. Help is GREATLY appreciated. Shooting some large groups soon and dont want to use the 80 over the 60.

I would be happy to help you troubleshoot the problem if you'd give me a call. My telephone number is (781) 963-1166.

This would be a lot easier and time efficient than sending messages back and forth.

David S. Odess
Factory trained Hasselblad technician
I appreciate this. I work late hours so I will give you a call tomorrow. If I get this resolved you get a prize ; ) Thanks again.
Insert a coin into the slotted axle on the back of the lens. Turn it in the direction indicated by the arrow until it clicks and locks. And Bob's your uncle.