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60120mm FE


New Member
HI, anyone out there got experience with the 60-120 FE, only report i've found was dissappointed! said for the money wanted something made by zeiss not subcontracted to a japanese firm. i find it hard to believe hassy would market something that was not upto scratch, their own info claims it to be an amazing lens.

I just picked one up used recently. Had it checked over by Hasselblad USA and it was deemed good.

I tested this lens on my Contax 645 with the MAM-1 adapter shooting with Kodak 400UC negative film. At the focal length of 60mm, 90mm, 100mm, and 120mm,the lens is superbly sharp throughout the entire focal lengths noted. I will be testing it further with chrome film against some of my prime lenses.

For a zoom lens, it is modern and very sharp. One drawback I learned (and knew before buying into it), is the lens is heavy and that will be a big minus if you tend to handhold and shot. If you use a tripod, then its okay. Its greast for outdoor shooting, however the maximum aperature of 4.8 is not that usable for indoor shoots.
Hi Marc,

I own one and use it with 203FE. I love this lens : I agree with Evan. It shows outstanding performances. I use it mainly with Provia 100F and recently shot with Provia 400X (I am going to get the slides by the end of this week).

But on the other hand, what can be disliked is its pretty huge weight...


PS. I guess there is actually one used available at B&H (demo condition) at ca. USD 2,400...

Yes, with the 70 adapter. I have the 6093T, which has been superseded.

I would recommend the normal shades as they are cheaper, less fragile, easier to store and use.


(3050767) Is the shade for that lens. I read your post from my email and did not notice the lens topic. Sorry for any confusion.


Interesting lens. Anyway, 4.8 may be not so fair for outdoor. When I was at 1/30 with the zoom I got 1/90 with the 110mm /2.0
What's good is the fact that the image in the viewfinder is realy good for foccusing.
I've found it to be an amazingly sharp lens. Take a look at the curves.

It's f4.8 maybe a hindrance in low light, but in good light and in the studio it works very well. Beauty of it is the ability to maximise the image area with Hasselblad quality.

Think the Fuji manufacturing comment is not valid. Hasselblad subcontracted the manufacture and it met their exacting standards.