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553 ELX as backup


New Member
I have a 503 CXI with winder and find it great. I use it a lot off a tripod but sometimes on. I notice in the used market the 553 going for a song! Is this a good backup camera. I was thinking of getting in and renting a digi back from the local pro stores in Toronto. I do a lot of model photography (part time) and think this could be a great combo. What do you think?

> [I have the 553 elx and i think it is a great backup camera for my 500 CM > :)

I think the 553 ELD is more prepared for digital backs !

Best Ruben]
Bought the 553elx from KEH for $330! It's even not so bad to handhold when working with wlf or 45 primsm.

Thanks to the digital revolution, all this stuff is now affordable. The question is...will film last long enough to give me the last laugh, or will digi backs for the blad (used!) be affordable in 3 years time.

> The used Kodak 16M backs are already around at $3-4K (USD) on a > "good day". I would expect them to be down to $1-2K by 2009