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50mm C Loose Barrel


New Member
I have a 50mm C lens (T*, but I don't suppose that is relevant). The main housing of the barrel has become slightly loose, in that there is 1-2 degrees of play, rotating around the central axis. There is no play lengthwise, so there does not currently seem to be a risk of the lens elements getting further apart than they should be. I have checked and none of the visible screws is loose.

Two questions:

1. Do I need to worry?

2. If the answer is "yes", is there anything I can do myself? I am not afraid to use a lens spanner and screwdrivers...

Assuming I remember correctly the actual lens tube is attached to the main lens assembly with a couple of screws. These hide behind the front ring (the one surrounding the front lens element).

I once watched a repair guy fasten my lose C50 tube, 5 minutes works max.

Hi Stewart, You'll need to remove the front lens element to tighten the screws(3 of them). the lens element is actually screwed into the same part as the barrel so there's no worry about loosing the element but it will allow dust and dirt into the shutter workings if it loosens any more. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys. But how do you remove the front ring? The notches that the spanner fits into turns the front element but not the ring.

Technicians use what we call a friction wrench to remove the front serial number rings on these lenses. It is nothing more than a big, round tool, made of soft rubber. It looks just like a large, rubber cork. You simply press the tool against the ring, and turn it counter-clockwise to remove the ring.

But you don't have to order a complete set of these friction wrenches from a camera tool supplier. Most hardware stores sell these rubber "corks" (or bottle stoppers). Simply take your lens to a hardware store, and purchase one of these rubber corks that is the same size as the front ring on your lens.

David Odess*Factory trained Hasselblad technician*
> You can also get them in literally ALL sizes from chemical supply > houses. They are commonly used for reagent bottles.