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503CWD long exposure issues


New Member
g'day folks
first post on this forum but haven't been able to find anything on this topic. apologies if my boring around in the threads has failed to uncover the answer.

i have ongoing difficulty with 503cwd + 80mm lens in creating workable images on exposures of any decent length by which I mean 1 or 2s+.

working in natural light in the north of scotland where daylight is in short supply at this time of year, it is often desirable to have exposures of 2+secons.

working with film, this would be no problem. working with digital - and it's fair to say i'm far from expert in this field - any meaningful length of exposure gives me a very gloomy image with banding across the whole image.

i have asked hasselblad about this but have given up holding my breath whilst waiting for a response for fear of expiring first

any suggestions welcome.


Did you use the sync cable from the lens to the back or did you set the back to the longer exposure time?

regards Andy
Thanks Andy
I guess I set the exposure time on the lens (sans sync cable) and have had no regard to setting the exposure on the back. Not sure how I would go about this.
I use this rig quite a bit for long exposures--up to 30 seconds--but you have to take a couple of extra steps. For exposures longer than 1/4 you need to 1) use a sync cable, and 2)reset the default exposure time on the back to a longer exposure. It's pretty simple. The sync cable comes with the back and the settings are easy to adjust.
Hi Timothy,

i thought you can use either the cable without setting the back to longer exposure times *or* change the backs setting to the longer time and make the exposure without cable.
It did work for me in a case where i forgot the sync cable at home while making a HDRI at night......

Regards Andy

How does your TOY battery behave currently ?
With no power on for 5 weeks now , the TOY is still correct on my CFV .


you have to ask Hasselblad! ;) It is still its on its journey to and from Danmark....3 weeks already. I am happy to hear that yours is working and i hope mine will also. I would like to have it back since it is fun to work with and i do like those files. More than the one my D2X makes anyway.


I can hardly believe , what you report .
Is this the new customer care program ? ? ? Or does HASSELBLAD have so many failing DIGIBACKS to repair ? ? ? In any case , this is NOT customer friendly , and at HASSELBLAD , CEO Christian Poulsen should finally recognize , that having satisfied customers makes the money .
I am not exactly happy about that long time either...... I did write a mail to HB Germany at Thursday and asked where it is. We will see when and what they answer. I am glad that i do not have to count on it to make my living out of it.

Thanks guys

I, clearly, mistakenly figured the synch cables were for flash as they're described as flash synch cables in the paperwork.

I'll give it another go and go back and look again at the settings to try and find the relevant adjustment. Seems to me it must be pretty well buried as I've not come across it after many happy (I jest) times rummaging about in the settings menus and accompanying paperwork.

Shall seek further enlightenment if I continue to struggle. Meantime, thanks again.
Il try to explain as accurately as i can without having my back here what and why to do. ;)
First - the part of the manual which describes the camera and exposure setting can be found at page 44 onwards. The flash sync cable *is* usually used to fire the flash - it tells the flash when the shutter is open.

Every other back than the CFV back does need to be operated with this cable to tell the back when to start with exposure since there is no connection between shutter and back. The CFV is different in that i gets triggered by a small pin inside of the 500 series cameras - that is why it is cable free. But the back makes exposures only as long as it is set to make it. The default setting is something of a 1/8 second. With the sync cable attached it takes an as long exposure as long the shutter remains open (up to the upper limit of 32 seconds, soon to be 64 seconds with Phocus).

So you have to options:

a) use the sync cable when making longish exposure times (let say longer than 1/8). Or
b) set the back manually for the desired exposure time in the menu and take the exposure. Don't forget to set it back afterwards - otherwise you always have to wait that long for the back to be ready again.

I hope i could make myself clear - since i am not a native speaker. ;)

thanks for the assistance - problem seems to be solved by using both the synch cable and setting the back to a much longer exposure default


PS while on this forum - and i'll try and find a more appropriate place to ask this - a friend of mine is en route to NYC today and asked me if I knew of any reputable hasselblad dealers in New York (I was there on business a year or so back).

sadly as my trip was for business purposes i didn't get a chance to look around so couldn't help. if anyone knows of reputable dealers in the city, look forward to your views.
> I've had very good experience, over several decades, with B&H, 420 Ninth Ave. ( and Calumet, 22 W. 22nd St. Within the past few years, I've had good experiences with Adorama, online only. I've never been to the store, but it's at 42 W. 18th St.