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503 CX inside body cracked felt help



I possess an RR S/N (1988 model) 503 CX body.
The black felt interior of the body is cracked (looks like shrunk!) and the same thing is present on the two rectangular felt patches, top and bottom, of the rear shutter of the body.

Looking into the body through the lens hole on the left hand side the there is the felt which is cracked. The plate on which the felt is attached to has about 1 mm of play

Is this normal ?
Bad storage ?
Sign that anything worse is amiss ?

Can anyone help ?
Is this a known problem ?

Kind regards for your help !!
I am desperate

This is normal for bodies of that period. Unfortunately. This is a problem of the so called Palpas-coating that was introduced at about that time. Just forget about it and use your camera.

Thank you Ulrik.

Is there anyway that the coating can be removed and professionally replaced with a new coating?

Also, since the camera is 19 years old is there any suggested maintenance by way of lubrication, cleaning etc.

My body works fine and has not been subjected to professional use.

Kind regards,

Should you worry about the condition of your camera, you could send it to any qualified repair person, or Hasselblad themselves, and have it serviced.
But if it has not been treated too roughly, and if it has been used regularly, it will not need that unless it displays signs of malfunction.

I don't think they can/will replace the Palpas coating, but they can replace the coated parts.
But that will be rather expensive. And like Ulrik said, it's something you can ignore.
Thank you all for your time.
Very reassuring comments form you both.


Palpas coating can be replaced at least on the auxillary shutter.
It is part of a full service for the camera.
I doubt whether this will give a noticable improvement on the images.

If the camera works fine enjoy it.