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503 CWD with DFlash 40


New Member
I am new to Hasselblad. Having trouble connecting D-Flash to the 503 CWD camera. I connected the pc cord to the lens and the 6 pin cord to the camera body. Then set the iso on the camera 2 stops higer. However, I still dont get any flash control no matter how over exposed the digital image gets. Is there some other setting that needs to be set? Also there are 2 flash connectors on the digital back marked in and out. Do I need to go through those to the D-Flash?

Next question: the digital image detail info screen has a shutter speed and aperture setting values. However, nothing shows up on my images. How does the digital back know what the settings on the lens are? Is there something in the setup menu that I am not setting properly?

Thanks so much to anyone who can comment on above.

> [the back can only adjust for iso and shutter speed it is up to you to come up with correct f stop on lens. suggest stops at about 16 or 16.5 no larger than 11 for detail lenses are not made for digital shooting.