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503 CFV is signature only difference


Is the only difference between the 503cw body and 503cfv body the signature , just curious?

Does the CFV back fit all v systems (i mean, do certain ones have to be modified for it) ?
the other difference is that part of the crank is not black but chrome on the 503CFV. And maybe the 503CFV comes with a screen installed that shows the sensor area of the CFV digital back.

The CFV digital back will fit more or less all other Hasselblad V-system cameras (as exceptions 1000F, 1600F, 202 FA come to my mind). But I am not a specialist on this (and other) digital backs (and their tilt sensors ;-) as others here on this forum.

"And maybe the 503CFV comes with a screen installed that shows the sensor area of the CFV digital back."

If you buy a CFV back alone it comes with the same screen as the 503CFV kit. It also comes with the L battery bracket for using the CFV on the SWC and EL cameras and a hard metal back cap to use when the back is removed to use a film back. All of it is contained in a Hasselblad case that includes a separate case for the back.

The V models that need modification are the 200 series focal plane cameras. My 203FE is in Sweden right now for CLA and to be modified for CFV use.

The "Victor Hasselblad" kit was offered as a limited editon unit at a package price.
HI there, just ordered the CFV digital back, this would not have been done without the forum and several other photographers who helped with their views.

Thanks Marc, will put some pictures up when there are some worthy, best wishes, Carl

A new CFV BACK arrived today. Everything seems to work fine .
As I aways said , i believe in the product , but was just unlucky to get a blank . And that annoyed me very much . Understandable ? ? ?
So i am very euphoric now and plan to get my 203FE modified . There is a waiting queue but i have time , as i can use other HASSELBLAD gear to use the CFV BACK . And i will also get a rotaslide adapter for my ARCA-SWISS 6x9 soon .
Hi Jurgen,

Congratulations! I hope it will serve you well and for a long time.

And please share some of your work taken with it!


I'm thinking about getting the Anniversary kit with signature body, lens, etc. You mention that the back kit (without body) comes with a l-battery-bracket that allows the back to be used on the SWC? Does this bracket also come with the Anniversary kit? I want to be able to use the back on both bodies. BHPhoto doesn't list it as an item that is included in either package. Thanks.
tim h
Timothy, as far as I know it MUST come with it, or you couldn't use the back on a SWC or a ELM/ELD camera. I believe all the Hasselblad/Imacon backs with an ancellery bottom battery like the CF/22 or CF39 also come with the L bracket.

Consider buying from the City Lights Digital people Tim,

If we don't support these independant gems, they won't survive. The price is no different, but the service is more personal. Contact in the USA: 1 (248) 589-9000 and ask for Jim Arnosky; e-mail Jim at: ... tell him Marc Williams set you.