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New Member
It's very hard to find anything about the 501C.
Even on the Hasselblad site there is just a small section of it in a pdf file (500_series.pdf).

Can anyone help me with a datasheet of the 501C and/or a online manual?

Thnx in advance!
To be honest with you, I don't think there is anythng more to say about it than what Hasselblad provides in the PDF you got. These are remarkably simple top quality devices. The CM version benefits from the gliding mirror system. I don't recall if the c has the Acute-Matte screen as a standard inclusion, which is very desirable for bright viewing. But to get the full low down on all 500 bodies and their differences get The Hasselblad Manual. It covers all Hassy gear and user tips. It's the bible.
There is a website somewhere that details the hassie in great detail. I forget where it is, but go to yahoo and type in hasselblad 500 or also try hasselblad 500c. I found tons of info online before I bought one...
The 501 C is basically the same as the 500 C/M, without detachable wind crank, without body-ready signal, without T-lock on the shutter release button, but with Acute Matte screen.

So read all you can find about the 500 C/M, and you'll know all there is to know about the 501 C too.
Oh, and how dare we forget:

click the "Manuals" section on top of this very page, and lo and behold...