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500C Mirror Lockup

It is not necessary to use the mirror lock up lever all the time. Using this method does elimate the vibration caused by the movement of the mirror, and the two rear flaps opening.

Once you press the mirror lock up lever, you will not be able to see the image on the ground glass. So you must have the camera on a tripod when doing this.

Using the mirror lock up method is generally recommended when using shutter speeds slower than 1/60 second or when using long lenses.

David S. Odess
Factory trained Hasselblad technician
28 South Main Street #104
Randolph, MA 02368
(781) 963-1166
Can any one give me reliable information on the correct way to initially charge (and maintain) the NIMH replacement batteries for the old NC Vartas for the EL/M, EL/X etc.?
Many thanks.
Try this for starters. There is a lot of simple, quasi-non-technical useful info here. I would only stress one thing and that is to get a GOOD NiMH charger (not a Nicad charger!) and use it. Overcharging NiMH batts will kill them with only 45-50,000 miles on them. If you use a good charger and don't overdo the occasional conditioning bit you can expect 200,000 miles, to mix metaphors. In my experience, too much of anything is MUCH worse than too little when speaking of NiMH cells. Good luck.

Peter Rosenthal
PR Camera Repair
1020 N. Manzanita Way
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
928 779 5263
Thanks Peter,
but tell me, how is a NiMH charger different from the NC charger ? Strangely, Hasselblad claims their standard (NC) charger can be used on the NiMH units they now sell as replacements ( for a lot of money ! ) without complications. And the more I browse the internet for charging info on NiMH cells the more confused I get !