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500 elm mirror newbie clueless


New Member
Just purchased a 500 el/m minus lense (didn't pay a great shake). The mirror is locked in the up position, battery working, shaft is pointing to the red dot next to it. Is this normal as I don't have a lense attached or have I a nice looking turkey?
Any ideas appreciated.

Does it stay up there, no matter what?
Or does it end up there after doing other things?

If the latter, try setting the large dial to "O", and press the release once more.

If the first, it indeed looks like it is turkey.
>Hello Peter,

Make sure your function dial IS NOT SET TO 'AS,' if it is, try setting it to 'O' and try operating the camera again.

Hope it works,

Tsun >
I've tried every combination of settings include your suggested ones and all I hear is a click/clunk sound and the mirror stays up.
Then the only thing to do is contact the seller, and either let him/her pay for fixing it, or return the camera and get your money back.
Hi Gérard,
sadly no. it's just as stuck as it was before, none of the above worked. It's a really nice ornament though. I am now looking on ebay for a decent priced 500c/m kit to get me started. Just waiting for the right one.
Gerard Morris (Austin) wrote on September 12:

' 2007 - 11:59 am,'
Hello Peter,
In case you still have that broken 500 EL/M body and plan to trade it for something, please let me know, I am looking exactly for this.