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500 cm Bag suggestions


New Member
I have just bought (got it today
a 500cm. I am about to go back to Uni and I want a good bag to look after it, have you any suggestions? I have looked on ebay for a hassie bag but found nothing.

I really like crumpler bags but not sure which would be most suitable for the 500cm.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - a very happy newbie
Someone has to ask: are you planning to add lenses? I assume you have a 80mm with the camera now. If you want to add lenses, what lenses? And where do you plan to take the camera? All of these questions need consideration before you can decide what bag fits your needs.

Be warned: most photographers collect a bunch of different bags for different needs. I myself have a backpack (for hiking), a 3 top loading bags for 'normal' transportation, in different sizes in case I do not want to carry everything. Etc..

Laura, as was mentioned, most folks end up with an assortment of cases! I keep my 'blad stuff in a hard metal case with foam compartments cut to fit (body, two lenses, ext. tubes, finders, flash, etc.); this case weighs a ton when full, so when shooting I usually put what I think I'll need in an old-fashioned leather "gadget bag" with a sholder strap while keeping the other stuff in the hard case as close as the car, so everything is still accessable. I do like the hard cases for the protection they offer, but they're not too handy in the field.
I have found the "Tamrac Model 752 Super Photo Daypack" very comfortable. The shoulder straps keep the pack high on the back. The shoulder straps are padded and there is a cross strap high on the chest to keep the shoulder straps from sliding off. There is a waist strap that keeps the bottom of the pack from bouncing up and down against the lower back. I am able to use the waist strap to transfer the weight to the hips.

It has plenty of storage space which temps one to throw in even more equipment - like I need the extra weight. There is room for food or other non-photographic supplies.

I wrap each unused lens in a padded lens wrap with velco strips. I have two film backs, three lenses [50mm, 150mm & 250mm CFs], lenshoods and a SB-800 Nikon strobe.

The upside is that the weight is evenly distributed and my back is not thrown off like a shoulder bag would do with Hassy equipment. The downside is that it is more fuss and bother to take off a pack than a shoulder bag. This solution works for me. YMMV.

I cannot give you a direct URL =>
Go to
Select Backpacks
Select search by "model number, name"
Look for model "752, Super Photo Daypack"
That will bring you to the description and photos


If you are like me and don't want to carry everything with you: in addition to a backpack that I keep most of the gear in and inside my car. Depending on the situation I choose a lens or two and carry them, believe it or not in a Tamrac 519 holster, with the camera, prism, back, and lens. It will hold a 250mm FE lens camera, prism, and back. I carry typical miscellaneous items, lens care, and film in the front pocket of the holster. I also attached a Tamrac 346 large lens case, and a small bag the holds a pro-shade with adapters and gel filters. They are all well padded the holster and lens case are zippered and latched. They come with a straps and can also be used with their belt system.

I know you are starting out and I don't know your goals for future equipment. The ones I have mentioned are the larger items. They also have smaller ones like the 517 that will accommodate the camera with shorter lenses.

Good luck, this is an issue that is to me one of the toughest to achieve, trust me I know I have many of them. So, really sit down and access your future needs and how much you want to carry.



Get a Crumpler! Although they seem to be getting duller in their names (no 'Budgie Smuggler' any more!). Seriously, they are well made.

If you are lugging gear, then a back pack is great. I have a common or garden Lowepro Trekker from years ago that keeps going. It is too big for just one camera, lens and back (as noted above), but unsurpassed for back protection (your back, that is).

Crumpler don't seem to be so well set up for top loaders now...I was given a now-discontinued 'Cucumber' ages ago, which is a top loader that fits a 'blad, with a long lens if wanted. It is an odd shape, being long like a cucumber (probably made for one of those loooong 35mm telephotos), but can take a body, back and 80mm, plus a spare back sitting on top. Not sure there is a similar model now.

I have a little Crumpler for a little camera (TX1), which is v. nice.
If you want a shoulder bag, the boringly named 'Sporty Guy' of the right size might be good, but you might need to add some of your own padding if you want layers. They are cheap.


PS if you are in Australia (does anyone else use 'Uni'?), then you might be able to swing a discontinued model cheap in one of their shops. I know I did!

I use a Lowepro mini-trekker. It holds my 501 CM with 80mm lens and a back attached, in addition to my 120 mm makro planar, an extra A16 back, a minolta IV light meter, two lens hoods, upto 10 rolls of film, filters and small odds and ends like a cable release spare batteries for the light meter etc. Well padded compartments and easy on the back.

Thanks to you all for your suggestions, I think for the minute I will stick with the kit I have, as I am a student I really dont have the money to spend on extra lenses and things like that, and I also have the use of extra lenses from Uni which I can borrow.

So for now i think I just need something small to carry around, I dont like lugging loads of equiptment about, but Im sure as I progress I will need bigger and better bags to accomodate all the equiptment.

Thanks again for all your help.
And no I am not in Ausie, im from the UK, we call it Uni here too
"And no I am not in Ausie, im from the UK, we call it Uni here too"

Well, we made it up at least!

Hope the study goes well and you enjoy the cooling weather in your topsy-turvy seasons...

Laura said: " I also have the use of extra lenses from Uni which I can borrow. "

you are a lucky one.. which university is that one? am in the uk also..

i found this item on selling a leather bag, i haven't checked it in person but you might try.. is in london by the way..
have a look

not cheap :s