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500 C/M and new accessories


New Member

I own a 500 C/M for many years now, but haven't used it for the last couple of years. Last year I bought a digital camera (Canon Powershot A640) as a way to get back into photography, but digital just doesn't do it for me. I digged up my Hasselblad again and decided to start again with medium size photography.

The paint on the focusing hood is starting to chip of and I want to buy (or maybe trade some other camera stuff) for a brand new hood. And maybe in the years to come, replace the older parts for new parts, and expand on the accessories, like buying a couple more A12 magazines.

I pretty much asume that the new accessories will fit my 500 C/M, but I just want to be sure. Is there anything I should be aware of, with fitting my 500 C/M with new accessories?


Welcome Martijn to the Hasselblad forum,

If you intend to buy new gear I would not wait too long as nobody knows howlong Hasselblad will supply what is left of the V series.

No reason to panic yet but the range of available lenses and other parts for the system is growing smaller everytime a new pricelist is released.

The good news is of course the amount of used lenses, filmbacks, viewers etc.
that is available. eBay is a good source as any of the larger traders who offer
used lenses etc. often with warranty.
Virtually all parts from 1957 on are compatible with the 500C/M so there is ample choice.

Thanks Paul.

I also have a used Polaroid 100 (productnumber 30198) I intend to sell. How much would that trade? Knowing that Polaroid is stopping producing the instant film next year.
Maybe it is better to keep the Polaroid back.
It will not bring much money and instant film will still be available from Fuji.
Good to be able to check lighting and composition with a polaroid.
It often amazes people you can make instant pictures with a Hasselblad.