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4x4 DPS - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

PLEASE! Somebody stop me with these Spaghetti Western titles already!

I found the finder on Ebay for $299 with free shipping in mint condition. I figured I'd better grab this one, as I haven't found a cheaper price yet.
Here's my impressions after putting it to the test for a weekend of shooting in the mountains.

The Good - In a nutshell, this finder does exactly what it's supposed to do - It provides the largest and brightest focusing area I have ever experienced on a Hasselblad.

The Bad - Getting a good "perspective" of the composition with this finder was difficult, although I could say the same for the WLF. This has always been an issue with me - I'm not sure whether anyone else experiences this phenomenon or not. I cannot seem to get a grip on the perspective of the various subject elements I'm looking at. The "look" of the subject in the viewfinder is always more impacting than what I end up with on the LCD screen. Maybe because it appears so close and 3 dimensional when enlarged 5x. Sort of like sitting in the front seat at a movie theatre. I don't have any problems with the reversed image, but the perspective thing bothers me. I have to admit that the PM/PME prism finders show me a more realistic view of what I can expect in the final image. If it wasn't required to take off the back in order to change finders, I wouldn't mind composing with my PME51, then using the DPS for critical focusing.

The Ugly - For ease of focusing, this finder cannot be beat, but it sure is ONE UGLY MOTHER sitting on top of the camera!! Reminds me of a large ship with one silly smoke stack in the middle. The WLF looks at home, and all the prism finders add some degree of elegance to the final package - but this thing...!
Nothing to add except that after 2 years of use I think the same.

Hard to me to get true sharp pictures with the PM45.
The 4x4 do not allow to show the 202FA sceen. So 98% of time I use the standard viewfinder.
However I will not resale my 4x4 as it's the best to contrôle slides.

Perhaps you need to use a screen with grids.
I am glad you found one of these rather scarce finders.
I agree this one is a total miss as far as aesthetics are concerned.
That pain will be dimished by using the finder and enjoying the comfort it gives.

I suppose you have checked that the dioptre adjustment with your finder is in working condition?

The last batch of these finders were assembled with some force making the adjustment impossible.
The top part of the finder needs to be adjusted so that it engages with the thread that makes adjustment possible.