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45mm lens protection


New Member
If you use a UV filter for protection of xpan 45mm lens- does it have to be a thin rimmed to avoid any vignetting ?
>Are you using the center weighted filter? It's expensive protection but recall what the len costs. Stick with something around that thickness. Here's what I do with filters not used for protection. I use a 72mm filter in front of the center weighted filter. I hold it in place with a product called the McCl&. Try McCl&.com. The site is still under construction but you'll get the idea. The McCl& will also allow you to hold soft grad filters in front of the lens to balance exposure. Sure you can't get too fancy in locating the grad but I just go with halfway. The results can be really impressive. I've also held polarizing filters in front of the lens.
G'day, I'm new here. I'm close to buying a xpanII/TX-2 & trying to take all things into consideration. Similar to Afzal, I'm hoping to use a Heliopan Linear Polarizer over the centre filter & have a UV over the centre filter when the Polarizer isn't on.
Any problems with vignetting?
Afzal, I use 'normal' (eg Hoya) filters including coloured ones for B&W, and haven't noticed any vignetting other than the light fall off that the centre is for?

Hello Ben...I presume you are another Aussie!

Is there a reason to keep a UV on when the centre filter is on? Apart from protecting the more expensive filter, of course, but this will be at some small optical cost.

I suspect the major 'problem' with the polariser is assessing its effect rather than vignetting...anyway, such things are not a reason not to buy the camera.