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35mm slide copying with my Hasselblad


New Member
I've been wondering if the 'blad transparency copier bellows attachment will
work with 35mm transparencies. I'm mostly interested in making
internegatives for enlarging my wildlife slides. Does anyone have any
experience with this? Would I need the bellows lens to get a printable

Thanks for any and all replies.

I've used the bellows with a transparency copier to copy superslides to 6x6 as a test and the results were prety good. With the 80mm lens and bellows you can get 3.5x enlargement, so you should be able to enlarge your 35mm to fit the 6x6 film size. What I did with my test was place a light box behind the transparency holder to provide even illumination at a repeatable color temperature. You can also use color balance filters to correct any color casts in the originals, if desired. The most difficult part will be centering the original on the copy holder.


I meant 3:1 enlargement in my previous post. Looking at the chart, the 3.5 was the exposure compensation.