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35mm Hasselblad film back


Has anyone noticed that there is a 35mm Hassel film magazine currently on offer on Ebay? At least I have seen what one looks like!
Ebay idbobr38_at_attdotnet has conversion kits - auctions 7605955424 and 7606142633 there is what appears to be an actual back on auction 7606059897

I have no connection with them and have no idea if they work or not...

Or you could buy an XPan - now thats a neat MF panoramic camera! Now destined to be a classic.
Thanks Bojan! Fascinating thingy. Bloody expensive though..

I would personally like it better if it were landscape mode instead of the portrait alignment (but I see the point why they did it this way, mind you). Would give one a nice 'Xpan like' function.

Ted, thanks for the information - the conversion is a lot cheaper than the magazine I mentioned. So I bought one for about $30.00 including postage to the UK.
The magazine is only interesting to collectors, as an oddity. And then, only to very few of them.
The thing is very rare though, so despite the small market, it still is an expensive item.

People who are interested in taking pictures have no business even considering this silly thing.
When it arrives, please let me know how well it works. I am not in the market for one now, but it would be an interesting bit of information to know for the future.

There's nothing wrong in having a look to see what a silly thing (novelty... "by any other name" and all that) looks like.
Absolutely, I'm really curious as well. Is there any picture on the WWW of a converted back?

I would probably like a 24x56 version better though. Should be doable as well I think..

> I disagree. There are some films that are simply unavailable in > 120/220/70mm format . True, they may not be routinely used, but > nevertheless, experimentation can be fun. I am thinking of Kodak's > IR films that routinely come in only 35mm format . If you had a use > for one, but still wanted to use your existing camera/lenses, it > would be the only way to go.
Wilko - there is an illustration with Ebay item 7606059897, but that has reached GBP 260.00 or about USD 450! I agree that a panoramic back would have been better - even a horizontal format would be preferable. However, for under USD 30.00 it's worth a look. After all, what genuine Hasselblad component is priced as low?

There is probably no truth in the rumour that Chinese-sourced conversion kits are about to reach the market, which enable you to buy a Kiev 88 and re-badge it as a Hassel(with stick-on labels). It is claimed that if you put a digital back on it you will not be able to tell the diffrence.
Hi Bojan - I thought that the 7606059897 item was a Hasselblad back for 35mm, not a converted one? The price of it is indeed crazy
$ 30 would be a good price to just try it for fun, maybe you could use an old Superslide back. I recently had a brand new one of those beasts in my hand, only EUR 60 (no-one wants them..).

I don't need no Kiev, got 2 500cm bodies, thank you very much