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350 SA CFE use


If I were to use the 350 for nature photographing, what would the limitations be?

Given the length would I have to use 1/500 shutter speed all the time? If this is the case, then the point of using the 203 FE for this purpose seems gone.

Will it be sufficient using a monopod or to I need a tripod?

Would I be better off using a 250 with 2X teleconverter?

Does anyone know what the used price is of a 250 CFE?

Any help is much appreciated.

when the lens is in the F position the 350 CFE becomes an FE lens. The lens shutter is not used. Only the camera shutter is used. Therefore you can use it with the 203FE as any other FE lens. Namely, you can shoot up to 1/2000th.

Does this mean that the only extra function you get from using a CFE vs. CF is using the lens shutter? Otherwise, you can just use the camera shutter?

The rule of thumb is to use a shutterspeed that is the reciprocal of the focal lenght. This goes for handheld shots.
Of course when using a suitable tripod you may choose longer shutterspeeds.
A monopod helps improve shots over handheld but is no alternative for a good tripod.
Using a 250 lens with a teleconverter does not change this.
You will not be able to find a 250CFE lens other than the 250 Super Achromat that was available for a short time.
A 250 C/CF/CFi can be found at eBay or any of the traders like KEH.

Both the 250CFE and the 350CFE Super Achromats are rare and sought after lenses. They will not come cheap.

For a 350 look for the CF version that will allow you the full use of the 203FE camera using the F mode from the lens. The same goes for the 250 CF of course.
The difference between CFE and CF is the presence of databus contacts with CFE lenses.
CFE lenses inform the 200 series cameras of the chosen aperture of the lens.
With 250 and 350 lenses it also means you will get Super Achromats.
That is only the case with 250 and 350 lenses.
Both CFE and CF lenses have a built in leaf shutter that can be used or if prefered the focalplane shutter of the 200 camera.
Stabilization is perhaps a real plus. With my 135mm (Leica) I see that only speed more than 1/360 are safe without tripod. So for 350mm I imagine that 1/1000 is needed. Except if you use flash.
A monopode for 1/250 my be a real improvment.
By chance this lens like my 180mm is at top quality at full opperture.