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I love the 30 lens except for one thing. You can't be 100% sure the horizon is level with the attachment in the flash mount. My bubble level won't mount so I have hold it on top of the body. This is a rough guess of horizontal. Any suggestions?
Any suggestions? >

Check out some of the tripod heads that have built in levels. If your plan is to use it hand held you could attach a level to the base using a tripod plate. You now know that leveling is a part of the game using wide angle lenses, so you need to be extra careful.

Enjoy it:

Hi Taras,

I have quite recently swapped my plain AcuteMatte for one with a grid (and splitimage) and I must say that helps a great deal with wide angle lenses. I found that handling my 40mm is made quite a bit easier (can you say tilted horizons? :) So I strongly support your suggestion for a grid-ed screen. Split-image also helps me, focusing is so much easier in low-light than on a plain screen.

I have had the opportunity to play a bit with a 30mm but that one proved not to fit my taste, I like the 40mm a lot better. YMMV of course.

Hasselblad offers a spirit level that fits onto the side accessory rail. I have one, and find it quite useful -- only problems are that it is a bit pricey, and isn't that large so one has to be careful not to misplace it
A note from a new submitter but a longtime reader of the forum, regarding the spirit level and its ability to get lost: I place mine into a 35mm film canister and put the lid back on it. Still easily lost, but not as easily, and this protects it! One might have to experiment with the placement in order to get the lid on, but it works for me! Oh, and the spirit levels can be found on ebay with regularity; that's where I got mine.