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2x extender worth it


New Member
Hey what does everyone think, If you purchased a 80mm lens and a 250mm and a 2x extender you could essentially have 4 lens. Does the extender perform just as well as a normal lens ( not including the loss of a stop). thanks for your input. Also anyone that has done this, give some feedback. Thanks again.
Well, not quite as well, but not bad either, assumming you use the Hasselblad extender. Aftermarket extenders don't perform as well. By the way, a 2x extender loses two stops; a 1.4x extender loses one. (Note: the 1.4XE is for lenses longer than 100mm according to the catelog, although I'm not sure why this restriction). The loss of two stops, besides limiting exposure combinations, also gives you a darker image in the viewfinder. If you can rent an extender first, you can determine if it will suit your needs.