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28mm lens Shade and Hood


New Member
Would anybody know if the 28mm f/4 HCD lens comes with the same pouch as the 50mm f/3.5 HC lens?

I just got a seemingly prestine second hand 28mm from a big dealer but it does not fit well into the pouch, certainly not with the shade, reversed, on. The size of this pouch is the same as that of the 50mm lens that I also have.

Also, and more importantly, the shade (hood) has a lot of play when mounted on the lens and makes noise when moved. Is this common?

I have noticed that the ring at the base of the shade, where the grooves are to lock onto the lens, is entirely made of plastic and does not have the metal clips that my other HC lenses have. This ring and the grooves look in good condition, but the lack of metal clips may make the fitting loose even for a brand new lens.