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250 CFi vs 250 SA CFi


Hi, all - does anyone here have experience comparing these 2 lenses? Any problems with long-range focusing on the SA since there is no infinity stop? Also, was there a CFe version of the 250SA? Thanks.
Many people will be dissapointed but the 250CFi is basically the same lens as a black C lens with T*.
It uses the same glass elements so even the oldest C chrome barrel lenses will take glass from the CFi in case of damage.

The 250SA was also available in CF guise.
No 250 C/CF was ever released with contacts for the 200 series cameras.

With longer lenses the infinity stop does not neccesarily mean you are focusing at long range/infinity.
Longer lenses tend to go over infinity because due to temperature variatons infinity settings may vary.
Allways check infinity settings; they are often different from the mark on the lens.

The 250SA is at its best in critical situations with high contrast and or strong backlicht.
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The first series C lenses were supplied with twin layer coating often referred to as single coating.
Starting around 1970 lenses were given multilayer in fact six coatings and are called T* because of the improved coating.
The colour of the T* coating may vary between early and later lenses but is essentially the same.

Mechanically and ergonomically lenses were improved starting with CF and later CFE and CFi models.
Better internal anti reflection treatment of the barrels improved contrast as well.
Improvements yes, but nothing major.
Many enjoy older C lenses very much because they are still producing excellent pictures.
I intend to be the laziest mod. ever and let you guys enjoy the forum as it is. >


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Paul said: ##Longer lenses tend to go over infinity because due to temperature variatons infinity settings may vary.##

So true Paul! In fact I have just returned from 1 week in the Hunter Valley and took with me CF: 50mm, 80mm, 120mm, 180mm and 250mm. When using the 250mm lens, I was quickly reminded that there is a fair bit of focusing "slack" at the infinity end - for exactly the reasons you stated. A year ago I learnt that the hard way - a nice image ruined by OOF because I stupidly assumed it was set a true infinity - even f11 could not provide the perception of sharpness!

If I recall correctly, I think my CF lenses have this "slack" to lesser degrees as their focal lengths shorten - eg my 50mm FLE has none.

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