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203Fe questionssorry


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What am I missing? I thought the 203FE and a CFE lens would pretty much be like a point and shoot. It is far from that, at least, in my experience. I have read the manual, and end up going to manual mode each time, and want to toss it for my 501CM.
Is there a place where I can go to get more indepth understanding of the functions of the 203FE? If I can understand the positioning of everything on lens, then I think I will be ok. But, the manual talks only of the older FE lens and some CF in the back. Why can't they update the manual? The new CFE barrels look different.
I have the manual for the CFE, but it doesn't talk about what it does in respect to the 203FE.
Can someone take the time to explain it to me?
I would forever be in your debt instead of owning a camera I could have bought a car with the money I spent on it!! LOL


I will answer some of your questions by
Explaining how to use A mode.


After setting the ISO speed in the PR mode, switch to A mode, set the F on the lens to the index so the lens shutter will not work, set the shutter speed ring to any speed but C or B e.g. 125 although shutter speed will be set by the camera in A, AB, D modes. Look through the viewfinder focus and select an aperture press the shutter release 1/2 way and observe the shutter speed. If you feel you can hold that speed 60th or better yet 125 or, above with your 80mm. Compose, focus, and shoot. You will be on your way. 90th is the max. speed for flash sync with the focal plane shutter. You set the aperture the camera sets the speed.

More Later

You will do fine


The only difference between CF and CFE lenses as far as fucntion is concerned is that the CFE lenses have the electronic Databus contacts that transmit information about what aperture is set on the lens to the camera.

So with the lens set to "F" (important!), CFE lenses are the same as the FE lenses described in the manual.

With thelens set to anything but "F", and the camera set to "C" (important!), they work (almost) exactly like the CF lenses described in the manual.
"Almost", because when using the lens' leaf shutter with the camera in "C" mode, the CFE lens still transmits aperture data to the metering electronics inside the body, meaning you don;t have to do "stop-down metering" as you would have to using CF lenses.
You guys are great!! You are better than a book! There is no one in this area, and we have over 5 colleges here, who teaches photography! What a great site!!