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203FE & CFV goes to a SikhHindu Wedding


Active Member
Two jam packed days of CFV coverage.

Put the camera and back on ISO 400 and shot almost 500 images using a 12 gig card, some with a D-40 flash inside, and a lot of available light outside.

I'm still working on the wedding images, but had 2 other days of shooting in-between (one of which I used the CFV for also), so that slowed the processing down a bit. I'll post some to the Gallery once I get a moment. I have another wedding this Saturday ... and the CFV will be on the 503CW this time.

This kit ROCKS.

I was even doing Paparazzi style stuff and it all came out. Used the 50/2.8 and 110/2 the most.

And a third image.

IMO, this back puts the V system back in the wedding business. The images blew away those I took with my Canon 1DsMKII. No contest. Not even close.

I made three 17X22 prints ( the horse and 2 others not shown here) ... and a 40 frame slide show ... between the wedding and reception the next day. The prints where placed outside the ballroom, and were a huge hit with guests. The slide show looked better than any digital projected show I've ever seen. Certainly better than ones I've shot on 35mm type DSLRs.

Did I mention that this kit ROCKS?