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203FE and speedotron strobes


New Member
Thanks to everyone who so graciously answered my previous threads. I have already learned alot and think I am going to love my 203FE eventually!! LOL
Here is another question:
I am attaching a pocket wizard to the body, and then one to the power pack of a 2403CX speedotron power pack and I have 3 202 heads.
My question is so basic, I am almost embarrassed to ask.
I do not understand the dialing in of power. It seems all the manuals sent with equipement assume you are already a pro with experience. I have one light to the right of the subject with a photek illuminata (52 inch I think) and one to the left of the subject with a photek softlighter, and one in the back to backlight.
My powerpack has 2 800 ws channels, 2 1200 Ws channels and 2 400Ws channels.
Which channels should I plug the lights into?
On the light that lights up the background- should I use a reflector or a barndoor or softbox? I am TRYING to do high-key.
After I figure out the settings on the powerpack, how do I meter? Do I meter by testing the strobes and taking an incident metering on the subject? That is where I am confused. I just don't know enough about the speedotron system or any power pack lighting to understand. The term "dialing down" is like greek to me. Can you put it in layman terms? I have been reading where you want the background "blown out" to achieve white whites. How is this done?