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203 locking up in C mode

I have two different 203fe bodies that have both done the same thing over and over that Hasselblad has never been able to figure out. It happens with different lenses, backs, etc. so I am pretty sure it is the camera body. When you go to take a shot and press the shutter release, it will only trigger about half of the exposure cycle and lock up. You have to either push in the lens release button and turn the shutter speed ring on the body out of 'c' mode for the body to unlock and be able to be cocked again. Or, you can push the button in the middle of the crank and wind it which will recock the body without losing the frame (it does NOT make an exposure when this happens which leads me to believe that either the mirror isn't flipping up or more likely the rear shutter curtain isn't opening) Anyone have any new info to turn me onto with this? Thanks a bunch!!