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2000FCW shutter doesnbt retract when back removed


I had purchased a 2000FCW in October mostly for its multi-exposure capability. I used it twice in cold weather (between 25 and 35 deg F), once for long exposures (startrails) and the second time taking multiple exposures of the lunar eclipse. Both times with the old C lenses. A few weeks ago I was planning on using this body and I noticed that the shutter didn't retract when I removed the back. Also the shutter would only open in C shutter mode, and the body would only cock when the film advance was disabled (button on winder depressed). I guessed the battery was discharged, and after replacing the battery, everything worked as expected.

My question is, does the shutter retraction mechanism of the 2000FCW require battery power to engage?


A bit late, and you may know already, but anyway. ;-)

The shutter retraction feature does indeed need battery power. It will work a few times after the battery has been removed, until a capacitor has drained completely.
The sensor on top of the rear plate is in fact a switch, part of the shutter electronics.