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2.8/80 "C" lens time ring stuck


New Member
Today I was checking my gear and realised that I can move the time ring only between 4 (1/4 s) and 125 (1/125 s). I've tried different combinations, but the result is the same all the time.
Probably there isn't an easy fix, but do you have any ideas what the problem can be?
hey I am no expert but on my lens there is a button you slide across to lock the combination of speed and aperture once you have secured the right exposure reading (speed and aperture) for a particular shot you wish to shoot. This allows you then to choose a different aperture and the speed adjusts automatically when you turn the aperture ring. And alternatively, you can also adjust the speed and the aperture will also move automatically to mainatin the correct exposure. Just my opinion and will wait for a group expert to really solve this problem.
Thank you for the answer.
I guess I was not clear enough. I have tried different combinations, but can not use times faster than 1/125 and slower than 1/4. Can not move below EV 5 at all and can not move over EV 16.
I'm using this lens (and a 4/40) almost daily and never had this problem before.

(and sorry for my bad english...)
I can not see Pauls answer here for some reason, but got it via e-mail. Thanks Paul - again.
I will now try to find a specialist. I guess I hoped for a miracle that this is a common problem with an easy fix...
I pushed the wrong button, glad I do not guard those missiles, the message was deleted.

C lenses are pretty longlasting. Like anything mechanical they like to be treated to some fresh lubricants occasionally.
A slow closing aperture, irregular shutter at slow speeds and noise when selecting another shutterspeed are signs a service is needed.

Not heavily used gear will benevit from a service every 3-5 years.
Daily used equipment likes to be serviced once a year.