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1960s Prism Sports Finder


this is a very long shot I know, but perhaps it is worth asking -

I have the early 1960s Hasselblad prism sports finder, and my ex&le is amazingly in absolutely perfect condition (in all respects like new) but is missing the perspex or plastic screen with the lens framelines marked on it. I wonder if anyone here might just have this item, surplus to their requirements? I would of course be happy to pay a fair price for it.


There are several masks for that finder depending on the lens you wish to use.
For the 80 mm no mask is needed for 100/150/250/350/500 lenses there are masks.
That is for the finder that is mounted at the side of the body.
The later finder that takes the place of the viewing hood there are other masks.
I have a prism viewfinder. I bought my camera with it. Do I understand you correctly that you need a different mask (please explain what this is) for each lens? Sorry if this sounds ignorant.

I haven't made this quite clear, have I? The finder I am referring to is the sports finder made only between 1960 and 1965 which fits on the top of the body in place of the normal WLF. (This is the sort of thing which only completely mad early Hasselblad fanatics like me would ever want or search out). It has two viewing methods - through a mask with framelines on it, or through a tiny prism onto the camera mirror which allows you to focus on the very centre of the screen. It is a truly magnificent piece of engineering, but not terribly practical, and must have been frighteningly expensive to manufacture. It would be nice to restore it to its former glory.

G'Day Matt:

Be cool. From your side-on photograph, I feel you have a VFC/PM/PME prism (3 or 5) prism. It's not a Sports Finder. What you see in the prism is what you get.

Good investment for you would be a used copy of edition three or four of Wildi's Hasselblad book - the best $30-$35 you can spend. Plenty of places to get one. (Don't get the newest edition - it favours the digital at the expense of the CM CX CW models etc.)

Like this: (I have no connection to this site)


Thanks again Colin. I ordered that book. I miss film. This is a new journey with an old friend. Marvelous indeed.
I think I found the cause for the confusion.
Johns question was for a Prism sportsfinder.
Of course a portsfinder has no prism.
The prismfinders are ok without a mask of course.

You have indeed the other much rarer sportsfinder.
I too happen to have one with a mask for 6X6 frames.
One mask has several frames for different lenses.

The mask is often damaged because it is a vulnareble part.
These masks and the finder are not easy to find.

Happy hunting!