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120mm my new lens


I had a 120mm s-planar a few years ago. Really liked the lens but I could get a very good price for it and sold it. However, I did regret selling it so I kept a look out for another one.

Earlier this week, I found it. A 120mm s-planar in good condition (signs of use but the glass is very clean, the shutter sounds well and smooth). The seller asked 200 euro's and wrote me that it was a black lens. When I got at his studio, it turned out to be a t* lens and we already had agreed upon a price of 175 euro's.

A very nice deal in my opinion. Can't wait to go out and take some pictures with it.
congrats - its a great lens - and a real nice deal you made - look forward to se you post in the gallery- ruben
Frank I have been in love with my CF120 ever since I got hold of it - seems there is something very special about it that I cannot quite put my finger on. Enjoy the excitement.