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120-250 pro shade mask size


New Member

Does anyone have one of the 120-250 masks for the older style pro shade for using with a 150mm lens to hand and if so, could you let me know the inner and outer dimensions. I need one before Saturday so may have to make up a temporary one.


Greetings, Marc.

Two masks were provided with my older pro shade (40676). Their overall heights and widths measure 115mm (square). The inside (cutout) dimensions are as follows:

  • F/250, CF&C/120-150 mask – inside opening measures 86mm (square)
  • CF&C/250 mask – inside opening measures 62.5mm (square)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that.
I asume the 86mm opening is equidistant from all sides of the square?

Marc, you're welcome. Regarding placement of the cutout, you are correct - the opening is equidistant from all sides of the square.

Thanks for the welcome, Paul - it's good to be here.