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1102 with CFV


New Member
Does anyone have any portraits they can share with this lens/back combo? I am still on the fence on if I should go hasselblad cfv or mamiya zd.

How about this "portrait" ... LOL.

Took a quick snap to show you the 110/2 in action with the CFV.

Up close, it's a real challenge to focus @ f/2 ... DOF is almost non-existant.

203FE, 110/2FE, CFV capture.

Dang that is a pretty shallow DOF. Nice clarity. I would love to see this lens on a model with some secondary lighting from the bottom to open up the eyes.
Here is a simple portrait taken with the 110/2 on my 205FCC/CFV at about 2 to 3 meters in natural light in a room with glass walls and ceiling. I shot it handheld with an F-stop of 5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/180 sec.

If I study the full digital image at 100% in PhotoShop, I can see that the eyes are in the middle of the plane of DoF, the eyebrows are tack sharp, the tip of the nose is just starting to be out of focus and, at the other end, the ears are slightly out of focus. In the middle of the DoF everything is so sharp that I can read the brand name on the buttons on the shirt.


QUOTE: I'd prefer to date the dog. :UNQUOTE.

I can ask him but I am quite sure that Rob would prefer you to date the dog too...

And what about asking the administrator to creat a new list for V-digital back.

Here we cross the "303CW- 503" list and the subject is "110mm/2 with CFV". The 110mm do not fit on the 503CW (!)
"And what about asking the administrator to creat a new list for V-digital back. "

I agree that these topics do not fit easily into the current forum structure. In fact, I started a thread in the "how to improve this forum" section where, after some discussion, we suggested a much simpler structure for the whole Hasselblad area. Just 3 forums:

- Hasselblad V System
- Hasselblad H System
- Hasselblad XPan

That thread seems to have been ignored by the forum management.

Hey Peter
Cann you post a 100% crop of the previous picture ?

I remember to have fitted the 110mm on my 350D Canon.
A big difference between f 2.0 and f 8.0. At 2.o no need of softar filter !
Thanks for contribution,
Can you use ProShade on FE Lenses and which model & adapter exactly for the (110mm f2), (60-120mm), (50mm later version) because I would like to buy one.


The best Hasselblad Proshade to use with all of these lenses is the 6093/6093T (3040739).
You need the bayonet 70 adapter ring (3040744) for the 110 mm, and the 93 adapter (3040746) for the 50 mm.

It's difficult to use a compendium with a zoom lens: its length needs to be adjusted every time you change the focal length.
But that's better than having a too short shade for most of the zoom's focal lenght range.
You need the same 93 mm adapter you need for the 50 mm to mount the shade on the 60-120.
QG, when using the Proshade, is one meant to put the slide on the actual markings on the track or immediately before or after the markings (focal length labels). Does this differ by version of Proshade?
Using the 6093/6093T, you align the front of the slide on the line marking the focal length.
With the '50-70' shade, its the rear of the slide that should align with thefocal length markings.