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100mm C lens no T coating


Hi, I have seen a 100 C lens (no T*), black with a silver ring around the front lens. The price is very low. Is this lens any good? The price of one with T* is a little more than double the price of this lens. I now that spare parts for C lenses are rare so I am only interested in the optical quality of the lens, maybe compared to an 80mm with T* coating or the CB 80mm.

Thanks for any help, Frank
The lens is exceptionally good, yes.

Better resolution than the 80 mm at apertures wider than f/5.6. Even more so when that 80 mm is a CB lens.

Better performance (less coma) in the corners too.

And extraordinary low distortion, many times better than the 80 mm lenses.

The difference between T and T* coating is minimal. Don't worry, use a lens hood (always).

The generic statement "spare parts for C lenses are rare" is not correct. Most parts are in abundant supply, and the vast majority of common repairs are still no problem at all.

If that price remains very low: be sure to get it!

You wrote, "The generic statement "spare parts for C lenses are rare" is not correct. Most parts are in abundant supply, and the vast majority of commom repairs are still no problem at all."

Here in the United States, Hasselblad is completely out of the shutter blade rings, diaphragm blade rings, flash terminals, the rivets that fasten the flash termainal to the barrel and the flash contacts.

I have been unable to find any other source in the United States for these parts.

So, while it may be true that in some countries these parts are in abundant supply, here in the United States, this just isn't the case.

Dave Odess
>=20 > I agree about using a lens hood. The best way to eliminate internal > reflections in my experience is to limit the amount of non-image-forming = light > hitting the lens. Lens coating is just one tool in the battle against fl= are. >=20 > With regard to getting spares for Hasselblad - apologies for this reply b= eing > off-subject but it might help. >=20 > In the UK, where I am writing from, I understand that Hasselblad no longe= r > support the older lenses but there are independent repairers used by > professional photographers who still service, and supply parts. Two in L= ondon > are JD Camtech (who I know is Hasselblad trained) and Graham Playford Rep= airs. > I have used the services of both in the past and find both excellent alth= ough > I have only used JDC for my Hasselblad (I am fairly new to Hass =AD Graham = used > to look after my Mamiyas). The last time I serviced a Hasselblad lens wit= h JDC > he told me not to be put off by stories that parts are scarce as he has p= lenty > and is looking to source them independently. He is very helpful. I am su= re he > would supply out of the UK. >=20 > If parts are difficult to find in the States it might it be worth getting= in > touch with a professional photographic association who might be able to p= oint > you in the direction of an independent repairer. PDN=B9s photosource might= be > able to help. ( I often refer to it when look= ing > for photographic info in the States. If you have not tried these avenues = it > might be worth a look. >=20 > Kind regards >=20 > Mart >=20 >=20 >=20 >=20
Thanks for the replies. I always use a Lee universal hood. I will contact the seller for the lens, sounds interesting.

Thank you all, Frank

Pitty that Hasselblad Utrecht is closing shop on April the 1st (no April's Fool thingy, alas...). Perhaps, if you're very quick, you can still take the lens to them for a check? Perhaps not...

So Hasselblad NL will no longer supports C lenses either... There will be no Hasselblad NL to support anything. We'll be sending all our stuff to Sweden.
Not very far, but still... :-(

I dealt with 'Ahrensburg' a few decades ago.
They were still called "Nordic" then. Don't know 100% if they are the same people, but i have a suspicion they are (their address never changed. Only the name they are trading under).

What happened:
I had bought some equipment, that turned out to be in need of some minor repair.
And i bought it in nearby Germany, from an official (i.e. appointed by 'Ahrensburg') Hasselblad dealer.
And yes, it was supplied to that dealer by no other than the "nice people" in Ahrensburg.

And though i returned it to that same German dealer, to have it sent to where it came from (i.e. 'Ahrensburg'), they flatly refused to honour their warranty, claiming that, living in "das ferne Ausland" only a few kilometers across the German border, i was not (!) their customer, not entitled to 'Ahrensburg service'.

And i still have the Service Card they themselves issued, that they put in my name, they sent to my address, stipulating how good their service would be if i ever should need it...
I might as well have waved my library card.

Hasselblad Sweden had to intervene.
I had the repair done by Kodak in the Netherlands, with Hasselblad Sweden paying for it.
Thank you Sweden!
There you will find really nice people!
(Not saying you can't find nice people in Germany. On the contrary! Just that then and there, i did not.)

So 'Ahrensburg'? Not me.
That was long ago, and things are bound to have changed. And it will have been a freak incident, with someone making a silly mistake, and then being reluctant to admit it and give in.
But still... no thank you. Not for me.

So there. That's my rant for the day. ;-)
> Q.G., then I can fully understand that you do not work together with Ahrensburg. As I have enough reason not to send anything to Oberkochen again.

> Hasselblad/Ahrensburg and Zeiss/Oberkochen are of course excellent adresses for repairing equipment and the people there are very knowledgeable. But sometimes someone makes a bad experience like what Q.G. reported in the previous mail. I made bad experience with Zeiss on two occasions. The first was (a couple of years ago) when I contacted them about a shutter problem with a silver Hasselblad 5,6/250 mm lens. I described the fault, gave them the serial number etc. They asked me to send the lens. After it had arrived they told me that they were not able to repair a lens of this age and charged their cost estimate fee. But they should have told me before that they would not do any work on this lens as I had givem them the serial number before. The second problem was with an otherwise mint 2,8/80 mm F-lens that had not been used for 10 years, where some black paint flakes were inside and where the aperture mechanism did not function reliably. The cost estimate was a joke in several respects, especially because they diagnosed that the shutter speeds were out of specs (reminder: F-lenses do not have a shutter). It needed a letter to the company management to persuade them that the cost estimate was not professional.
> Semmelblad I must agree that the experiences you made with ZEISS have no glory as everbody would expect. And it surprises me . I have been to ZEISS OBERKOCHEN and saw the production of HASSELBLAD lenses. It was overwelming and a fantastic experience to see how the lenses are put together with an exact measurement after each element of lenses is added. So , in your case i would have complained right up to the highest management . It is extremely helpful. regards Jürgen
> Jürgen, Zeiss/Oberkochen lenses are the best glass I have ever experienced with regard to optical quality, mechanical quality and longlivety. And I have had very nice contact with people from Zeiss like Kornelius Müller. Just a little troble with their service department that was unnecessary.(How could they insist to charge for a repair estimate where they wanted to repair the shutter of an F-lens, this is beyond my comprehension)