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Xpan or crop from MF?


New Member
Hi there! I am thinking of buying an xpan because I really like pano format and xpan has always been in my dreams.
Recently I read a post from a guy who was claiming that xpan format (24x65 on 35mm) is equivalent to a crop from MF negative (let's say for example a crop from a 120 roll shot with a 35mm on a 6x4.5 camera).
I said 'no way', but now I am not so sure...
Xpan's 45 mm covers an angle of 71 degrees horizontally, while the 35 mm of a Pentax 645 covers an angle of 77 degrees. Not this big difference. Now, if I shoot with Pentax 35mm and then I crop under the enlarger, do I really get the same picture of an Xpan?
Did I miss anything in my reflection? :confused:
Thank you
It's rather close, but different:

The xpan make 65mm wide (versus 56mm) pictures and is a relatif light camera ideal for sreet pictures.
I cannot recommend the XPAN highly enough. Both the camera and the format are unique; there's nothing else like it out there.
Ditto, the Xpan really is something special - I would really give it a try - it is a unique experience.
I agree with Swissblade, above , and Xpan is a unique camera ... a great format which is quite interesting. I love it and like to tell it is worth trying and see the photos in this perspectives .