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Tibetan Lama


Shot earlier this year; I was lucky after days of miserable weather. As usual I'm open to constructive feedback Lama Jampa 2.jpg


it's a digital picture (CVF50); the loss of detail is due to cropping and low quality jpg settings for posting on this website; the original holds the expected amount of detail and sharpness


New Member
I'm wondering where you made this image and what the lama's name is. I do alot of photography of Tibetan buddhist monks and am going to Mongolia to photograph monks there in mid-September...


Hi, his name is Jampa Rinpoche and I shot this in my back garden !
He visited us a couple of times during his visit(s) to The Netherlands (he actually lives in Spain)
Share some photo's after your visit to Mongolia?


Hi Tinker,

if the 1600x1600 Pixel with 500KB is not enough for your image, you can either upgrade to a higher userlevel to get 1MB per image or simply use an external weghoster and embed the image-link here in the posting to display it here within the posting.

Best wishes