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Good day to all,

I am totally new to photography and until now I only have my mobile phone, action cam and drone.
More and more I am getting interested in Photography. When I read forums and look on Youtube I am leaning towards buying a medium format camera, because of picture quality.
A Hasselblad X2D seems the best of all camera's within reach, including time to save some more money ;)

I became a member of this forum to dig some more in the subject of medium format. I also like to know if there are also some limitations I need to know as a beginner on medium format.
There are strong debates about full frame vs medium format. As a newbie I simply think best image quality is best, but is it?

PS I do know the limitations of no video, but this I will take over picture quality.

Best to you all,

Henry van der Burgh
From the Netherlands
Welcome @Henry van der Burgh ! I am fairly new myself.

There is some debate today about high density 35mm mirrorless and medium format mirrorless. I prefer the medium format for landscape work because for the same megapixels, the pixels are larger in medium format and science just dictates more light gathering power. I also like the idea that a 38mm medium format XCD lens has the same field of view as a 30mm lens. So, the medium format has a) typically less distortion for the same field of view as 35mm lenses (not all lenses are equal though) and b) the depth of field for a given f/stop is less (f/2 at 38mm is less than f/2 at 30mm).

This is one of my favorite articles on medium format lenses, worth a read (David Farkas is a good friend):

I also think the X2D, which you mentioned considering, has not only good IBIS like the Leica SL2 system, but also has true 16-bit color whereas many systems today put 14-bit color in a 16-bit container. All that means is that the Hassey system records more colors. My experience with the X2D system so far (limited) is that the color output in incredible! You have to use the Hasselblad Phocus software to get that, but you can output as a TIFF and use in some other software to finalize if you want.

Here's an example with the 38 XCD lens and processed in Phocus: Enjoy! David

  • Hasselblad - Hasselblad X2D 100C
  • 38.0 mm
  • ƒ/7.1
  • 1/9 sec
  • Other
  • ISO 64
OK, in short buy the X2D. I have been diddling around with cameras off and on since I was 10 and that was a long, long time ago. I shot 35mm film for a long time, then shot nothing, then got some small digitals and then decided to get Leica and got three used ones in order, M8.2, M9, M240 (2). I picked up an A7M II and then an A7M III along the way and a French Pixii A2572. Then the X2D. It was a choice between a Leica M-11 with a good Leica 50mm lens or the X2D with the XCD 55V. The X2D offers a bigger image, better color and better image quality. It has IBIS, auto focus, full auto if you want and just offers more than the Leica at the same price. When you compare images the choice is simple. Well, it was for me and I checked a lot of forums and looked at a lot of images. I can shoot very low light at 1 second and get a stable, in focus image with great color and definition. And the color science is so good that it can turn a marginal photo into a good photo. And once you pick one up you know you must have it. The ergonomics are wonderful. In size and weight it is marginally more than a DSLR. In image quality it is considerably more.

These are just some random shots out of a lot of shots. Just to give you an idea of what a rank amateur can do by pushing the shutter button on the X2D.

Oh, and welcome aboard. ;o)
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