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Mirror does not return, but only under very specific conditions ...


New Member

New here, and my post has a mystic title. Because the problem is rather odd.

When I make an exposure with the lens set at a position between infinitve and -about- 8 meter, the mirror does not release completely after the exposure.
I know that the connection between the lens and the body should make this possible. But for some reason this mechanism is stuck. But only between 8 and infinitive.
I made a video that shows what happens.

Hasselblad 500C/M fully serviced
Planar 80 fully serviced, + the back lens exchanged (originall lens had damage)

Before I send the lens back to the person that performed the service I want to know what is goining on.

I checked the same camera with two other lenses, both also fully serviced, a 150 and 40 mm. With these lenses the above problem did not occur, everything as normal.

What could be wrong with the Planar 80, can I do something simple myself?
Or should I return to thge Service Agency and explain what you think here?

Thanks a lot


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