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Lossless jpg?


New Member
What is the loss on the jpegs from the Hasselblad X1D II C jpeg? Can I set it? TIA. Sorry for the newbie question.
JPEG's are an 8-bit image. That means a smaller palette of colors and less definition. Is it a problem in day-to-day use? Depends on your use. Most professionals, if not all, use the RAW image which can be manipulated with less degradation. I am on an X2D and shoot in both, but use the JPEG's. YMMV
Agreed on the JPEG, I think there is use for the JPEG, but I always want a RAW to adjust before printing of any kind. More importantly, the Phocus app takes advantage of all the color capture and the factory color tuning. If I want more than Phocus provides, I export as a TIFF and edit elsewhere. I will export JPEG from Phocus to post on social media or send in email, or put into my website, but it is a result of the RAW, not from in camera. Just my thoughts…