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Jack Guy in Hasselblad video Our Legacy, Your Future


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In the subject 2019 video, it illustrates the photographer, Jack Guy, using a Hasselblad 501cm with a CFV II 50c back. According to Hasselblad's process, you need to use a release cable to lock the shutter open to frame and focus. However, Jack is not using a release cable yet still able to take a photograph and I would like to be able to do the same. Any thoughts are appreciated.



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Hello rcs907x

Please have a look to HASSELBLAD CFV II 50c USER GUIDE , intoduction on page 13 .
There you will find , under 1.10 a connectivity chart -mechanical shutters , showing , for which HASSELBLAD camera set up you will need the flash sync input cable .
See especially "cable free operation" .

You can download the users guide from the HASSELBLAD internet pages .

As you can not use AF , when using the CFV II 50c on a V-SYSTEM camera , you must use MF and therefore use a (mechanical) release cable to lock the shutter open .
I can not see an other way to keep the shutter open , to operate in LV with MF . Is he using the "B" setting for the shutter and then after focusing is done , set the shutter to the desired speed ? ? ? ?


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There is a small lever around the shutter button the locks the shutter in the open position.
Press shutter and turn. Mirror will stay up and you can focus!.
Hope it helps.


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Thanks to all who responded.After some thought, I was assuming Jack was working with live view; he is not. He is using the camera exactly as if he was shooting film viewing through the waist level finder. I am not sure Live View is an essential advantage prior to the shot; you still have an image after the shot to verify . . . Just like Jack did. In bright light, you have the disadvantage of glare on the CFV II 50 c viewing screen and using a 503cxi, the waist level with magnifying eyepiece , I believe this is a good work around to eliminate glare and aid in critical focus.