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Hasselblad to Rollie


New Member
So, does Hasselblad make an adapter that can be mounted to , for example a Rolleiflex TLR , so that it can be used on the hasselblad quick change tripod adapter? It seems like the normal base plate won’t work because it is too thin by itself and therefore won’t allow room for it to slide into the grooves. This by the way, is the one for the 500 series cameras. You see I have a 500cm and would like to use the same quick release with my Rolleiflex. If anyone knows a way please let me know.
Thank you,
Jon B
I was confused by the quick release coupling. Then I discovered that the 501cx (and, probably, the 501c) have a thinner plate than the 501cm/503cw. The Quick Coupling S 45144 fits the 501cm/503cw but does not fit the 503cx. For that, as far as I can tell, you need the older style coupling such as the one in the picture.

I have a small JOBU Arca-Swiss compatible plate attached to a Hasselblad quick coupling adaptor and another one attached to a Rolleifix. With a small Arca-Swiss compatible clamp on my tripod head I can very quickly switch between a Hasselblad, a Rolleiflex TLR or any of my 35mm cameras with Arca-Swiss compatible grips.